Youth Religious Education

Youth Faith Formation at First Unitarian: Spirituality, Love, Compassion, Social Consciousness, Activism

At a time when many people are feeling extremely uncomfortable about where our country is headed in terms of the treatment of the less fortunate, people of color, and the most vulnerable among us, a Unitarian Universalist congregation may provide an answer many are looking for. In light of this, The First Unitarian Society has renewed its’ commitment to be of service to the local community, especially to families and children, and those who continue to be systemically disenfranchised. First Unitarian understands how the positive shaping of young minds and spirits can greatly affect these circumstances and our world for the better.

In our programs, young people are challenged to discover the divinity within themselves, as well as the universal spiritual values in various faiths, religions, and spiritual paths. This promotes acceptance of self and of others, as well as counteracting many of the prejudices that create a lack of caring and empathy for those who are different. Equally important is the concept and practice of love as a core principle to live by. This means that young people learn to acknowledge and embrace their connection to others, nurturing the powerful virtues of compassion and integrity. We are proud that this emphasis has helped many Unitarian Universalist children create a strength of character that builds kindness, the willingness to work against injustices, as well as to stand up for what is morally right. At First Unitarian, we are determined to be the place for families and individuals who are seeking a more enlightened, socially conscious, church experience.

During the 2017/18 church year,  which begins September 17, 2017, our Kindergarten through 6th-grade class will be exploring the 7 Principles through social justice and direct action in a new program called Harry and UU. Students will learn about and take direct action to fight some real life Horcruxes, just like Harry and his friends do in the Harry Potter series. Each class will include Harry Potter-themed hands-on activities, active games, and discussions about these real evils in our society, together with age-appropriate, in-class direct actions to help fight these evils.  Here is a link to register your child!

We will also host a Harry-Potter themed afternoon from time to time so that our families can join in the fun. There will be family-friendly activities followed by a Harry Potter movie screening and discussion. Please note the movies may not be suitable for young children and we will offer an alternative activity during movie screenings.