Our Minister

The Rev. Ann Marie Alderman is employed by the Board of Trustees to perform all the usual duties of professional ministry, such as leading worship, teaching, providing pastoral care, leading services that celebrate life’s passages, engaging in social justice activities, and other administrative duties. She is also here to help the congregation and its leadership work towards goals to be achieved during a possible 3–5 year time of Developmental Ministry.  This summer marks the beginning of Rev. Ann Marie’s 3rd year with FUSP.

The Reverend Ann Marie Alderman grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, as an active Southern Baptist youth and graduated from Florida State University with a major in religion in 1975. Unsure what to do with her fascination with all things religious, she found herself at Vanderbilt Divinity School in the late-seventies, just when the first woman dean of a major seminary was taking over. It was exciting times. Ann Marie changed denominations, moving from Baptist to United Methodist. (At least, the Methodists were ordaining women ministers!)

Upon graduation from Vanderbilt Divinity School, she realized that the traditional Christian ministry was not for her. She then spent several years in alternative careers, including being an automobile mechanic, a service advisor and then nearly twenty years managing her family’s wood flooring business. By mid-life the urge to find a deeper purpose began with a move to Savannah, Georgia. While living there, she found the giant welcome extended to her by a tiny UU fellowship in Statesboro, Georgia. Their welcome was just what she needed to recognize where her journey was leading. In a few years, she returned to Jacksonville and by 2001, had become fellowshipped by the UUA and jointly ordained by both of the UU congregations in her hometown.

Years of experience in small business administration, a full year of intensive training as a hospital chaplain, two years as a Director of Religious Education, three as an Associate Minister, then two years as the sole minister of a thriving small congregation in Pennsylvania, Ann Marie has also served as a called minister with the UU Congregation of Greenville, North Carolina for 5 years. She then completed three years as the Developmental Minister with the UU Church of Greensboro, NC before coming to serve the First Unitarian Society of Plainfield in August of 2016.

Rev. Ann Marie is married to The Rev. Robin Tanner, Minister of Worship and Outreach at Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit, NJ.

TO CONTACT: Rev. Ann Marie has office hours on Tuesday and Wednesdays.
Please call ahead to make an appointment or Email: amalderman@fusp.org