‚ÄčOur minister offers New UU Orientation sessions whenever there are visitors who are curious about membership!

All Unitarian Universalist congregations (even those without walls!) take membership seriously! That is because it is the members who together make each gathering a meaningful, purposeful community. Each individual at some point in their spiritual journey made a conscious decision to not only identify as Unitarian Universalists, but to join a congregation taking on both the privileges and responsibilities of membership. It is a privilege to be cared for by others, to share life’s journey with one another, to find and nurture the bonds of fellowship. to cultivate joy and to grieve together. We may not all be alike, but we grow in fulfilling the promise of bringing more love into this world. Together First Unitarian members are responsible for calling religious professionals, for the collective pledges of time, talents and treasures that sustain both our building and grounds and our outreach to Plainfield and the surrounding community within which we find ourselves.