Performance Spaces


The Parish Hall Theater is a proscenium theater that seats approximately 125 people. Complete with theatrical lighting, a spotlight, separate lighting booth, an upright piano and a sound system, the wooden floor stage has been home to community theater and local concerts for more than 50 years. Production companies are welcome to bring in their own theatrical lighting and sound systems. The Parish Hall Theater is available for rehearsals, concerts, recitals, recording sessions and productions year-round.


FUSP’s historic Sanctuary with soaring ceilings and carpeted floors has extraordinary acoustics perfect for a wide variety of musical events. The Sanctuary features a Steinway grand piano and has been host to world-class musicians including chamber orchestras, jazz ensembles, opera singers and gospel choirs. Because of its prime acoustics, rock bands and individual singers have frequently chosen our Sanctuary as an ideal recording studio. The Sanctuary seats approximately 140 people. It is available for rehearsals, concerts, recitals, recording sessions, spoken word events and meetings.


Do I have to be a registered non-profit to rent the Theater or Sanctuary?
No. FUSP welcomes individual productions, concerts and theatrical events.

Do I have to have separate insurance for my production?
Yes. If you invite the outside public to your event, you are required to obtain separate insurance. You are required to add FUSP as an “additional insured” to the policy on the day of your event. FUSP insurance will not cover your production or event. Contact a local insurance agent for more information. If you have a private invited audience, you may not have to have separate insurance. Please call the Rental Coordinator to discuss this.

How much does it cost to rent the Parish Hall Theater?
FUSP wishes to encourage the performing arts in Plainfield and has a sliding rental scale. Call us. We are surprisingly reasonable and will try to work with you to make your event affordable.

Is there a separate cost for rental of the Steinway piano?
Yes. There is a sliding fee scale to support the arts in Plainfield.

Can you rent the pipe organ?
Yes. Our pipe organ is available for rental for practice sessions, lessons, and performances.

Do you have a sound system?
Yes. We have an excellent sound system which is available for use.

How much does it cost to rent the Sanctuary?
FUSP wishes to encourage the use of our beautiful 128-year-old Sanctuary and has a sliding fee scale for non-profits and Plainfield residents. In addition, many organizations choose to rent the adjoining Parish Hall for post-concert receptions. We keep additional room rentals VERY inexpensive to encourage Plainfield arts.